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for people living with Multiple Sclerosis

through fitness and exercise


Our Mission

MS FitEffect

is dedicated to

improving the quality of life

for people who live with Multiple Sclerosis

by working with and teaching them

how fitness and proper exercise

can change their lives.

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10 Week Program

What's happening at our


Elizabethtown, PA Event

    enables us to keep control.

    gives us the power to rise.

enables us to keep control.

    gives us the power to rise.

enables us to keep control.



Building muscle is important for keeping up with your daily activities of life as well combating your symptoms and progression of MS.



Increasing your level of endurance allows you to do more and to feel better doing it.



Being able to keep your balance will protect you from falls and the injuries that may result from them.

    gives us the power to rise.

    allows us to keep rising.

     enables us to keep control.

Meet The Team


Mark Mueller

Founder, Director and Lead Trainer


Jackie Mueller

Co-Founder Living with MS

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Karen Hunt

Certified Trainer Living with MS

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Our team of certified trainers is unmatched when it comes to working with individuals who have MS and helping them achieve results that will improve their quality of life.

Each one of our trainers carries the

"MS Fitness and Wellness Specialist" certification

through AFPA (American Fitness Professionals and Associates)

and each has vast knowledge from the practical experience of working extensively with many clients.

Brenda Sievers

Certified Trainer

Amy Thomas

Certified Trainer

Ruth Beiler

Certified Trainer

Our Team

Client Testimonials

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Karen Hunt

"MS FitEffect had the expertise to help me to realize that life with MS may be more manageable than I realized.   


For example, I thought I needed to work on balance to improve my walking.  The program helped me to see that my right side strength was also a factor.  By the end of the program, I had made measurable gains and my walking continues to improve.


But more than that, MS FitEffect looked at me as an individual and helped me to make progress in building confidence, overall fitness and nutrition.  I am most appreciative of their effort and support.”

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Robin Chilcoate

"The ten week program was incredible.  I would highly recommend it to anyone with MS.


When I started my journey I hadn't walked in over 2 years.   I had very little feeling and movement in both legs.  With stretching and relaxation techniques I learned how to better control the spasticity in my legs.  I can now almost straighten my legs and have greater range of motion.  The best part was the last week when I asked to work on standing up at the parallel bars.  After I got up I surprised everyone when I took steps!  I continue to work with Mark and Brenda weekly and have taken even greater strides in my journey."

Read More Testimonials

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Garry Bickel

"I’ve been working with Mark since September of 2016. With the exercises and stretching, my leg spasms have diminished significantly and I’ve been able to cut back on the meds I was taking for spasms by two thirds. Mark’s positive encouragement and sense of humor definitely helps with working out when sometimes just moving is a struggle."


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