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Mark Mueller

MS FitEffect Co-Founder

BS Psychology

ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association)

       -Elite Trainer

       -Certified Fitness Trainer

       -Specialist in Fitness Nutrition

       -Specialist in Exercise Therapy

AFPA (American Fitness Professionals and Associates)

       -MS Fitness and Wellness Specialist

American Heart Association:  CPR/AED certified

Sometimes you don’t choose what it is that you will be doing in life.  Sometimes life chooses it for you.

So it is with Mark.

Mark has always been involved in fitness, but it wasn’t always his calling.  Mark has spent his life fulfilling his passion for building and creating by owning and operating his own custom woodworking shop.  He started as a stair builder who ventured out into custom architectural work and then into designing and building custom furniture. 

Mark, and his wife Jackie, began to notice how Mark’s health was being adversely affected from the constant exposure to sawdust, wood finishes and solvents.  Something needed to change.

One day while working out in the gym (his other passion), he remarked to his friends, “I wish I could get paid for doing this.”  That’s when the light bulb went off!

Together, Mark and Jackie decided that he would obtain his personal training certification and begin to start a new business on the side.  In 2012, Mark earned his first certification and in a year’s time, he was able to shut down his woodworking business and focus on personal training full-time.

The business grew rapidly as Mark worked with a variety of people whose interests ranged from weight loss to body building.  But eventually, his clientele began to change.  Word spread about how well people with disabilities and people who needed rehab were responding when they worked with Mark.  He began to realize that helping these people with these types of needs was becoming his passion. 

It was natural, then, for Mark and Jackie to become interested in what they could do for people with Multiple Sclerosis since Jackie has been living with it for over twenty years. 

Mark and Jackie developed the MS FitEffect program for this very reason.  As Mark and his team work with more and more MS clients, they continue to witness, first-hand, how exercise and fitness are improving their quality of life.  The MSFE team is constantly developing new methods and techniques to help their clients as their numbers steadily grow.   


Mark may not work with wood anymore, but he is still building and recreating...just with people.


We are excited with the results that we are getting and how we are changing people’s lives for the better.  It is humbling, yet exciting, to know that local neurologists and physical therapists are sending their patients to us because they have seen how they are improving in such a short period of time.  But our greatest advocates are the very people that have participated in our program.  To see their excitement and to share in their joy when they accomplish something they thought that they would never be able to do again is so rewarding.  And then, they tell others.”

“I didn’t set out to choose this.  This chose me.  This is my calling.  This is my passion”

Mark Mueller

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