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Jackie Mueller

MS FitEffect Co-Founder

Living Life with Multiple Sclerosis (diagnosed 1998)

After being diagnosed with MS in 1998, Jackie was determined to manage her disease with the most natural approach possible.

Through the years, she has made dietary changes and has incorporated an exercise program into her daily routine.  These changes have helped her lose weight, gain strength, control pain and reduce MS fatigue.

As she noticed these lifestyle changes helping her feel better and develop stamina, a desire within her grew to share this information and help others living with MS.  If these changes could help her feel better, then they could certainly help others.  She shared this desire with her husband, Mark, who is a personal trainer.  Together, they researched, experimented and developed a program that incorporates healthy living and exercise that will improve the quality of life for others living with MS.

"There can be so much negativity when you are diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  So much is unknown about the disease and its effects on each individual person.  I wanted a platform where people could come and have hope.  I wanted to build an environment where people would not be seen as MS patients, but thrive in spite of their diagnosis."

Jackie Mueller

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