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Karen Hunt

BS Elementary Education

ASFA (American Sports and Fitness Association)

     -Personal Trainer

AFPA (American Fitness Professionals and Associates)

     -MS Fitness and Wellness Specialist

American Heart Association:  CPR/AED certified

Living Life with Multiple Sclerosis (diagnosed 2015)

Karen is more tuned-in to our MS clients than any of our other trainer's.  Why?  Because Karen has MS.


Karen has spent her life helping people better themselves through education and it is evident in how she relates to each of her clients in such a personal and understanding manner .  With her Master's Degree in Elementary Education, Karen spent 27 years teaching first grade.  She also spent 15 of those years as a NETA (National Exercise Trainers Association) certified fitness trainer and instructor.  But it all came to an end when she was diagnosed with MS in 2015.


Karen's MS caused her to lose much of her functionality and she became bed ridden.  After a year of physical rehabilitation, she regained some of her functionality and was finally able to walk.  But life was not the same for her as everything was difficult.


In 2016, she began training sessions with Mark Mueller and became a participant in MS FitEffect.  She continued to gain strength and functionality through exercise and fitness.  Her walking became better, her balance improved and complex tasks and movements gradually became easier to perform.  With her physical improvement came a loss of anxiety and improved self confidence.  Karen began believing that she could begin training clients again; a passion that had never died.


In 2017, Karen earned her MS Fitness and Wellness Specialist certification through AFPA (American Fitness Professionals and Associates) and began working with clients through the MS FitEffect program.  She also earned the MS FitEffect Trainer of the Year award that year; not just because of all the obstacles she had overcome, but because she is an incredible trainer!


"I lost almost all of my functionality through MS and I understand how challenging it can be to have to live with MS every day.  It is incredibly rewarding to work in the fitness industry and to train people with MS as I continue working on my own fitness and wellness every day."

Karen Hunt

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