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MS FitEffect

Participant Application

MS FitEffect is for everyone with Multiple Sclerosis!  Whether you use a wheelchair, walker, cane or are mobile  without assistance, you will benefit from our program as it will be designed specifically for you by one of our MS Fitness and Wellness Specialists.  You will learn how you can better manage your disease through exercise and fitness. 

For 10 consecutive weeks, you will be provided with a free membership at our host gym and paired with a personal trainer who will work with you for one hour a week helping you to achieve your goals. This is all provided at absolutely no cost to you! 



·         Full ten-week commitment as we have a long waiting list for our program

·         Flexible schedule to meet with our busy trainers

·         Proof of MS is required (Doctor's note)


Please fill out and complete application in full.

(Attach Doctor's note)


Remit to:

Fax:  1-855-787-9478



     MS FitEffect

     122 Meadowview Lane

     Bainbridge, PA 17502


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